Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Image Resizing

Image resizing
You can resize your image by using crop tool. There are several ways to crop images in Adobe Photoshop.
1. Crop with Crop Tool
2. Cropping to a specific size
3. Crop with the Marquee Tool

Crop with the crop tool in Photoshop
You can crop your selected image by using the crop tool following this step.
1.       Open the image from the disc where you saved in Photoshop.
2.       Select the crop tool from the tool box.
3.       Click on your image once and drag the mouse out to make a cropping border.
                                    4. Resize the border by dragging the squares at the sides and corners till you are satisfied with the way your image looks.
Crop with a specific size
If you wish to crop your image in a specific size, you will have to crop your images to a specific size, such as 4X6. To crop an image to a Specific size, do the following:

1. Open the wished image to crop.
2. Select the Crop Tool from the Toolbox.
3. Specify the values for Width and Height in the Options bar.

4. Click in your image and drag the cropping border. Notice that                 the border is constrained - you cannot make it wider or longer than the specified values.
For example-
If you entered 4 for Width and 6 for Height, whatever size you make the Border, the area within it will fit on a 4x6 photo.
5. Press ENTER after you are completely satisfied with your cropped image.


If you want to just a simple crop, you can use the Marquee Tool. Follow under the steps to crop by the Marquee Tool.

1. Open your targeted the image in Photoshop.
2. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool from the Toolbox.
3. Click and drag the mouse in your image to draw a marquee around the area you wish for crop.

4.       Go to the main menu, Image > Crop. The image will be immediately Cropped


You can resize your image to a specific size by following the steps below:
1. In the main menu, go to File > New.
2. In the New dialog box, click on the Preset dropdown menu. You will see several preset sizes, such as 2x3, 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10 with the preset resolution of 300 dpi.

3. Choose the size that you wish and click OK.
NOTE: All the preset sizes are in portrait orientation. If you wish to resize an image with The landscape orientation, you need to create your own preset. To create your own size,
Do this following:
1. Type in the values for Width and Height, for example 7x5.
2. Type in your desired resolution -150 resolution is enough for high quality printing, and 72 resolutions is good for the web images.
3. Click the Save Preset button.

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