Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Digital cameras tend to cause various problems, such as "red eye" if you use flash, or underexposure, if you don't. You can correct these problems In Photoshop.
The digital camera flash is located right above the lens, which causes the "red-eye".
To remove the "red eye", follow these steps -
1. Open your image in Photoshop wish to correct.
2. Select the Zoom Tool from the Toolbox for zoom the image. Draw a rectangle around by click and drag in the red eye aria.

3. Foreground and Background colors must be black and white

4. Click on the little black triangle of the Healing Brush Tool button and select the Red
Eye Tool.

5. Click on the red and paint, holding down the mouse button. You will see how the red will disappear.

6. Repeat the steps for the other eye.
7. Press Ctrl+S for save image.

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